Measurement and calibration

​  "Measurement and calibration" term is defined as a set of operations that, under specified conditions, establishes a relationship between given values in a measuring instrument or system or the values represented by a reference object and known corresponding values of  a measurand. 

     ​Measurement and calibration activity is one of the fundamental pillars of industry, trade, scientific research, medical services and military equipment. Developed industry and fair trade are based on accurate, unified measurements and standards which are supported with a national calibration reference system.

   Recognizing SASO's responsibility of providing national measurement standards and calibration instruments in various measurement fields with the highest level of accuracy in the Kingdom, and in compliance with SASO's regulation, the National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC) was established by SASO as it is responsible of referring all the measurement and calibration units to international measurement units. ​​

Last modified 25 Nov 2019
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