Technical Committees

Through technical committees system (TCS), SASO aims to develop the process of developing SASO's standards and technical regulations by giving equal opportunities for the public, academic, research and private (national factories and companies) sectors to participate in the technical committees that prepare standards for a specific topic. However, participation in the technical committees allows such bodies to objectively suggest and discuss subjects related to standards in order to find solutions appropriate for all bodies for the sake of the national interest.


  1. By applying technical committees system in the process of developing SASO's standards and technical regulations, SASO aims to achieve the following objectives:
  2. Giving the related bodies more opportunities to participate in preparation of five-year and annual technical committees plans to prepare SASO standards and technical regulations.
  3. Raising the performance level of developing SASO's standards and technical regulations in all fields, especially those that have direct impact on national economy, health, consumer's safety and environment protection as well as those related to achieving justice, except food and drugs fields.
  4. Reviewing SASO's standards and technical regulations ,that have been issued or need to be reviewed, periodically and ensuring that they are meeting the national requirements and are compatible with international standards as much as possible.
  5. Updating SASO's standards and technical regulations that need to be updated after the review process according to the methodology set by SASO.​

  • In the interest of SASO to meet the largest possible amount of consumer needs in terms of goods and services, we provide through this window the opportunity for those concerned with the matter to suggest the technical teams that they see the importance of forming, by filling in the attached form Click (here).
  • If any governmental, private or scientific institution wants to nominate one of its employees for membership in one of the technical teams, we hope to fill out the attached form, click (here)​.​

Classification of technical teams according to sectors:​​​

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