products Safety

​SASO seeks to enhance products safety in the market by limiting the entry of non-conforming products. This can be made through the activities and initiatives of the Saudi Products Safety program "Saleem". This program is concerned with issuing the Annual Conformity Index, providing the regulatory authorities and the technical regulations preparation teams with information and reports of the index to sort out their priorities, and facilitating the commercial procedures.

The main tasks of Saber platform are to automate products tracking and technical processes that have taken a place in the supply chain, and to increase the percentage of safe products. In order to permit consumer goods, whether imported or locally manufactured, to enter the Saudi market, Saber allows merchants and local manufacturers to register the necessary Certificates of Conformity (CoC) and to issue Shipment Certificates of Conformity (SCoC) online. This platform also aims to protect commercial enterprises from cases of fraud and tampering with technical documents, and it ensures that the products are free from defects that might affect the health and safety of the consumers or their environment.

The General Conformity Index is one of the pillars that holds up the Products​ Safety Initiative. This index measures to what degree the goods and products in the Saudi market conform to the relevant technical regulations and standards. This comes as an effort to achieve the strategic goal to enhance consumer safety. The mechanism of issuing this index is based on forming a basket of products purchased from various regions of the Kingdom and then testing them according to the requirements of the standards. Subsequently, the rate of conformity for each products will be announced to eventually reach up to the General Conformity Index.​​

Last modified 28 Apr 2021
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