About NQS

​​​​National Quality Strategy "NQS"

  It is the general framework and comprehensive perception of quality and institutional excellence in KSA and its various sectors, with a future, applied view in accordance with Kingdom's 2030 vision.

  The genuine objective of building the National Quality Strategy is to support and enable the achievement of ambitious programs and the future goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to be a catalytic and empowering strategy and contribute to achieving the desired results and help realize the noble national dream for KSA to occupy the position that is eligible for it among the largest countries in the world. As the National Quality Strategy will contribute to build and develop the institutional performance of the main business sectors in KSA, as well as to raise the level of quality of national products and services, enhance its competitiveness, and will allow all business sectors to grow and prosper in a rationed and precise manner, with better value addition, and positive impact on GDP and GNP.

  SASO has worked to develop the National Quality Strategy to represent a national framework for quality and a plan for the implementation of quality and institutional excellence in the Kingdom. Many interconnected features characterize this strategy and aspects that help improve performance, increase productivity and efficiency, and it is an added value that is compatible and integrated with Kingdom's vision 2030, and supports the requirements of the national economy, leading to the well-being, happiness, and prosperity of the entire Saudi society.

Last modified 31 May 2021
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