Textile Laboratories


 Textile Products laboratories are one of SASO's laboratories, equipped with the best technologies and modern equipments that a group of specialized technicians are work on with the participation with expertise from inside and outside SASO.

The laboratory consists of three laboratories divided by the nature of the testes, the samples distributed between these unites depending on the type of the test prescribed in the product standard, which is as follow:

Textile product laboratory conducts many tests and examinations on textile materials according to Saudi and international standard issued in this field. The laboratory contains the latest special testing devices in the field of textiles. It can test all types of textiles (fabrics, clothes, threads)  also military textiles in all its kinds and forms. In addition to civilian tents and blankets as well as cotton and medical gauze. 

One of the laboratory achievements is conducting some studies on fabrics, which including a study of the color stability of the Holy Kaaba cladding.  In addition, to participate in testing fire resistant tents in the project of the Holy Places (Al-Mashaaer Al-Mugadassah) in Mina.

These efforts culminated in the laboratory obtaining international accreditation (ISO IEC 17025:2017) in the following tests:

  • Texture.
  • Estimate the number of threads.
  • Color stability for washing.
  • Weight of square meter.
  • Color stability for friction.
  • Resistance to abrasion (Martindle).
  • Dynamic load by disk.
  • Estimation of the force of the explosion.
  • Estimation of tensile strengthen.
  • Resistance of tear.
  • Estimate the pH. 
  • Resistance of agglomeration.
  • Tuft retrieval.

Laboratory of children's toys conducts numerous testes and examinations on children's toys according to Saudi and international standards measurement in this field. The laboratory contains the latest special testing instruments in the children toys field. It can perform necessary tests on all types of toys.

The laboratory also contains of many instruments that help to ensure that products conform to specification standards:

  • Compression head teste.
  • Tensile test instrument for children's toys.
  • Durability test instrument.
  • Impact test instrument.
  • Roughness test instrument.
  • Volume test instrument.
  • Torque meter instrument.
  • Projectile velocity tests instrument.
  • Sharp edge test instrument.
  • Sharp point test instrument.
  •  degree flammability tester 45˚​.
  • Digital thermometer.

Laboratory of leather and footwear tests and examine various on footwears and leather products, which include safety shoes, men's, women's and children's shoes. As well as bags, especially women's bags according to Saudi and international specification standards in this field. The laboratory consists of the latest special testing instruments for these tests.

Footwear and leathers tests include: 

  • Tensile teste.
  • Shoe tear test.
  • Thickness test.
  • Friction test.
  • Insole flexibility test.
  • Vapor permeability for footwear.
  • Abrasion test.
  • Impact test.
  • Slip test.
  • Corrosion test.
  • Adhesive strength test.
  • PH test.

Last modified 29 Jun 2021
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