Mechanical and Metal Products’ Laboratories

​Mechanical and structural products’ laboratories examine those materials according to Saudi or International Standards approved in this field. In addition to that, SASO supported the laboratories with the latest types of equipment and taking advantage of the best companies specialized in manufacturing test devices for mechanical and metal products, as well as training technicians to operate and repair devices. SASO also supported the laboratories with the best equipment, specialists, and experts, that allow laboratories to perform all the necessary tests to analyze and study all mechanical, physical, and chemical properties for mechanical and metal products in both public and private sectors. In addition, laboratories are supported and equipped to conduct research in this field, taking into consideration, while building a laboratory, the large capacity, and specialized units to each type of these types of equipment to protect their calibration and repair from any surrounded external factors according to the requirements of the international standard, ISO IEC 17025:2017.

The laboratory consists of a sample-preparing workshop and four units divided according to the nature of tests, in which samples are distributed among these units according to the test determined in the product specifications. They are as follows:​

Tests conducted in this unit detects the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties for many Aluminum sector products, rebar, food containers, liquid containers, lighting poles, inspection manhole covers, grilles, and Aluminum tableware and cookware.
This unit also includes several devices to help ensure the products’ conformity to standards, such as: 
  • Tensile strength measuring device.
  • Hardness testing machine.
  • Chemical analysis device.
  • Bending device. 
  • Zinc coating thickness gauge.
  • Asbestos detection device.
  • Utensils stability device. 

This unit performs inspection and testing on many products of gas cylinders of all types, also gas regulators, fire extinguishers, home cooking stoves, portable stoves, and pressure cookers, such as:

  • Hydraulic pressure resistance test and burst pressure test for pressure vessels such as fire extinguishers and gas cylinders using blasting device.
  • Volumetric expansion measurement for different gas cylinders using gas volume meter.
  • Fire extinguisher performance test.

In addition, this unit includes several devices to help ensure the products’ conformity to standards, such as:
  • Tensile strength measuring device.
  • Pressure and blasting device.
  • Constant expansion of cylinder’s device.
  • Leakage tester, thermometer, and effusion ratio for furnaces. 

This unit examines many Precious metals products using various methods for analysis, such as: ​
  • Cupellation method (fire assay).
  • Analysis using XRF
  • Primary acid examination.
  • Using Potentiometer for silver.

In addition, this unit includes several devices to help ensure the products’ conformity to standards, such as:

  • Melting devices.
  • Chemical analysis device.
  • Pulling device.
  • Drying oven.
  • Accurate scales. 

​The mechanical workshop includes a group of various types of cutting equipment and machines such as lathes, millers, planers, grinding and cutting machines, etc. , and welding ​equipment, presses, metal forming equipment, measuring devices, and filing equipment.

Last modified 29 Jun 2021
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