Construction and Building Laboratories


This unit conducts tests to detect the physical and mechanical properties of sanitary ware, plumbing parts and water conservation efficiency in accordance with Saudi or international standards adopted in this field. The laboratory has the latest apparatus and techniques used in the field of sanitary ware and plumbing parts. The laboratory supports national policies on water consumption rationalization through active participation in sample testing, in addition to preparing and updating various Saudi standards, as well as conducting research and studies.

This unit also includes a number of apparatus that help to ensure that the products meet standards, which are as follows:

  • Faucets lifespan tester.
  • Flow tester for faucets and flexible shower hoses.
  • Tensile and bending tester for flexible shower hoses and spray hoses.
  • Load and safety tester for western water closets and basins.
  •  Drainage tester for Western water closets.
  •  Leakage and capacity tester for Western water closets.
  • Thermal shock tester for basins.
  • Western toilets covers tester.​

​​The laboratory examines and tests construction materials, including many products:

  • All types of cement.
  • All types of Ceramic tiles.
  • All types of blocks.
  • Clay and concrete pipes.
  • Cubes, concrete cylinders and sidewalks.
  • All types of gypsum (gypsum board or powder).
  • Natural and artificial marble.
  • Hydrophilic insulators (bitumen).

This unit also includes a number of apparatus that help to ensure that the products meet standards, which are as follows:

  • Compressive strength of the concrete cube tester.
  • Cement and concrete sample compression tester.
  • Gypsum Plasterboards Flexural Strength tester.
  • Ceramic tiles bending tester.
  • Thermal shock tester.
  • Ceramic deep attrition tester.
  • Ceramic surface attrition tester.
  • Tile water absorption tester.
  • Cement setting time tester.
  • Cement smoothness tester.
  • Cement standard texture tester.

The laboratory examines and tests pipes, including many products:

  • UPVC-PVC pipes and fittings.
  • PP plastic piping systems.
  • Polyethylene plastic piping systems for water supply, drainage and sewerage.
  • Plastic piping systems for underground and non-pressurized sewage drainage – non-plastic polyvinyl chloride.
  • Polychlorinated vinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes.
  • All types of plastic drinking water tanks.
  • Manhole and inspect covers and frames made of plastic.

The laboratory also contains a number of apparatus that help to ensure that products conform to the standard specifications, which are as follows:

  • Pipes pressure tester.
  • Methylene chloride tester.
  • Tensile and elongation tester.
  • Tensile and elongation specimen processing tester.
  • Pipe inner diameter measuring tester.
  • Melt flow tester.
  • Black carbon distribution tester.
  • Opacity tester.
  • Density tester.
  • Water content tester.
  • Black carbon content tester.
  • Induction time for oxidation tester.
  • Vicat softening point tester.
  • Pipe impact tester.
  • Slow crack resistance tester.​

Last modified 29 Jun 2021
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