About Laboratories

​Established Laboratories to contribute to the preparation of the Saudi standards and the necessary research, in addition to considering it as a control device for technical fields where the necessary scientific equipment for examination and testing are available.

Laboratories General Department receives various items of electrical, electronic, mechanical, metallic, chemical and petroleum goods, textile products, construction, and building materials, plastic products, and children's toys in order to test these samples and ensure they comply with the Saudi standards and technical regulations issued in their regard.

Saudi standards laboratories have obtained accreditation according to the international standard (ISO 17025/2005) in some tests, which gives its laboratories international recognition for their test results.    In pursuit of Saudi standards to keep pace with the latest technologies that contribute to obtaining test results quickly and accurately, SASO's laboratories in both Riyadh and its two branches in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the Eastern Province have been strengthened with a number of new devices in various fields.​

The following laboratories are under Laboratories General Department:

  • Textile Products Laboratory department.
  • Construction and Building Material Laboratory department.
  • Electrical products Laboratory Department.
  • Petroleum Products Laboratory Department.
  • Mechanical and metallic products laboratory department.
  • Chemical Laboratory Department.
  • Laboratories of the First Industrial Zone
  • Organization Unit of Technical Proficiency Testing
  • Vehicles inspection unit.​​

Tasks of the Laboratories General Department: 

  1. Participate in studying and giving technical feedback on Saudi standard projects.
  2. Conducting studies and research when developing Saudi standards. 
  3. Providing technical consultations in the field of testing to various departments of SASO and outside bodies.
  4. Carrying out tests on samples for the following purposes:
  • Application of Saudi standards. 
  • Granting the quality mark. 
  • Granting the conformity certificate.
  • Granting energy efficiency certificate.
  • Customs clearance.
  • For manufacturers and companies.
  • Developing their products.
  • Quality Control (For importer and manufacturer) To ensure that imported and manufactured products and goods comply with standards and technical regulations. ​

Last modified 30 May 2021
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