Conformity Certificates

​​Conformity Certificates Department

It is the department responsible of issuing conformity certificates at SASO. The issued certificates are divided into three main types:

  1. ​Type Approval Certificate of Conformity:
     It is a certificate submitted by SASO for model approval, confirming that the product obtaining this certificate conforms to the standard specifications. The manufacturer / supplier / exporter can use this certificate to confirm that the product has been designed and undergoes conformance procedures in the production process.
  2. Production line / batch approval conformity certificate:
    A certificate granted to the manufacturer for a specific quantity of production, allowing this quantity to be produced during a certain period.
  3. A certificate of conformity of consignment: 
    It is a certificate issued by SASO for a quantity of the product prepared (for export / import) and can be distinguished (with a serial number / batch number / date of production) to confirm that it is confirmed with relevant standard specifications.​

1. Certificate of Conformity for biodegradable Plastic: 
This service enables the applicant to obtain a logo for biodegradable plastic according to the technical regulations for degradable plastics, which aims to define the environmental requirements for biodegradable plastic products included in the technical regulations to preserve the environment, consumer and animal health, and facilitate market surveillance procedures.
2. Certificate of Gulf Conformity Mark for Low Voltage Electrical Devices:
This service allows the applicant to obtain the Gulf Conformity Mark according to the Gulf technical regulation for low-voltage electrical appliances and equipment, which aims to define the basic safety requirements for electrical appliances and equipment and the electromagnetic compatibility requirements that must be met before placing those devices and equipment in the market. Then move freely within the markets of countries GCC.
  • To see Changes in the Field of Granting Gulf Conformity Mark​ (Click here​).
3. Certificate of Conformity for Truck and Trailer Barriers: 
This service applies to front, side and rear protection truck barriers, trailers and semi-trailers whose maximum weight exceeds 3.5 tons. This service does not include trucks and trailers used outside the roads, military trucks, and trucks designed for specific purposes in which it is impossible to install such barriers. 
To view the list of approved workshops and factories for front, rear and side barriers for trucks and trailers (click here).
4. Certificate of conformity for trailers and semi-trailers:
This service applies to all locally manufactured and imported trailers and semi-trailers. This service does not include trailers and semi-trailers designed for specific military purposes in which the requirements of the technical regulation cannot be fulfilled.
5. Certificate of Conformity for Electric Vehicles (BEV & PHEV): 
This service is available to electric vehicle manufacturers and applies to all electric vehicles whose total weight does not exceed (3500) kg, and whose speed exceeds (25) km / hour, which are placed and displayed in the Kingdom's market, whether manufactured inside the Kingdom or imported from abroad.
6. Electric Vehicle Accessories Certificate - Charging Cables: 
This service allows suppliers to obtain an electric vehicle charger conformity certificate according to the forms permitted to be imported and described in the electric vehicle technical regulation.
7. Certificate of conformity of the tanks for transporting petroleum products to aluminum: 
This service applies to tanks transporting petroleum products according to the requirements included in the technical regulations for tanks. 
The first part: tanks for transporting petroleum products.
8. Certificate of Conformity for Motorcycles: 
This service applies to motorized bicycles included in the technical regulation for motorized bikes.

1. Certificate of Quality Mark for Beneficiary Service Centers (Hayyak): 
This service applies to centers that apply for the Saudi Quality Certificate "Hayyak" for quality of reception to provide services within the beneficiaries' service centers.
2. Certificate of classification of vehicle maintenance and repair centers: 
This service applies to all public facilities in the vehicle maintenance and repair sector in the Kingdom, with the exception of installations for military and security agencies.

Last modified 24 Nov 2020
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