The National Program for the Quality Ambassadors

SASO's believing in the role of youth and seeking to invest their energies in building the future, a national program has been launched under the name " The National Program for the Quality Ambassadors", which aims to spread the culture of quality and enhance the spirit of volunteering among young people, and it is One of the initiatives of the National Quality Strategy that the Executive Office is based on achieving its goals and initiatives.

Benefits of the program:

  • Obtaining a special membership card bearing the name and category of the ambassador.
  • The Quality Ambassador has priority to attend conferences and courses held at SASO or the program partners.
  • Benefit from the advantages of the Ambassador membership.
  • Raise the levels of performance as well as awareness of individuals in terms of quality and its programs and its various applications.
  • Optimal use of youth energies and harnessing them to increase awareness of quality and concepts of institutional excellence.
  • Providing participants in the Ambassadors Program with various skills and experiences in the fields of quality.
  • Spreading and strengthening the culture of quality and institutional excellence by supporting and empowering the role of Quality Ambassador within the sectors.
  • The Ambassador adopts the concepts and standards of quality, as well as the initiatives of the National Quality Strategy in the sectors in which they work, to become a basis for its strategic plans.
  • Increasing cooperation and communication and creating an interactive and fruitful relationship between the sectors and the Executive Office of the National Quality Strategy.

To register in the program

Please ​click (here​​​​)​

Last modified 29 Jun 2021
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