Power Strips Campaign

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 The power strips safety is one of the most important requirements, and therefore classified as high-risk products because the resulted accidents cause heavy losses in life and properties.​

In this context, a working group has been formed within the technical team of systems and electrical accessories to update the Technical Regulations of power strips to avoid some of the problems faced by manufacturers and suppliers in their application while ensuring the availability of the safety requirements for the consumer. In addition, power strips have also been added within the products monitored by SASO in the markets.​

What is the purpose of the campaign  حياتك_ أغلى #?

  • Reduce   losses that can infect the lives and properties caused by using non-conforming strips.
  • Raise awareness among  public and familiarize them with power strips conforming with the Saudi standard specifications .
  • Clarify The correct methods of using the conforming power strips.

Last modified 30 Jun 2021
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