Research and Studies

​Based on the tasks entrusted to SASO for the conduct of studies and research to make sure of the adequacy of Saudi standards and to find appropriate solutions which delay the application of quality, and from the belief in the importance of scientific research in the development and modernization of Saudi standards, a specialized center in the field of research and studies, part of the general management of  labs, has been established. The center conducts research and studies in cooperation with SASO's technical departments and supervises researches in order to carry out its functions in all fields.


Research and Studies Center tasks:

The tasks assigned to the center include the following: 
  • Conducting specialized studies dealing with consumer's service, awareness and the preservation of  his/her health and safety.
  • Conducting studies and researches, on some goods and products, to serve the national industry in cooperation with beneficiary companies and institutions and finding appropriate solutions for them.
  • Conducting studies and researches, aiming at modernizing the approved Saudi standards, technical regulations and methods of testing to keep pace with the latest technologies.
  • Finding appropriate solutions to the problems that may arise from time to time in some goods and products.
  • Working on the exchange of experiences through the formation of research teams from SASO and other bodies.



Last modified 10 Aug 2020
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