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 SASO Establishment


       The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) was established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. M/10 dated 03/03/1392 H as a body of judicial personality and of an independent budget. A board of directors, headed by his Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Investment and comprised of representatives of the major sectors concerned with standardization in the Kingdom, outlines the general policy of SASO. 

       SASO was one of the first pure technical governmental bodies. It governors the organizational and executive tasks related to standards, metrology and quality, including laying down and accrediting Saudi standards of goods, products and services, measurement and calibration bodies, and procedures of conformity evaluation and certification. SASO is also responsible for accrediting laboratories and certification bodies for quality systems and setting methods of sampling, testing, technical inspection as well as setting quality systems. Moreover, it is entrusted for assigning principles and conditions for technical implementation, classifications and engineering drawings as well as setting terms, definitions, symbols and other tasks issued by SASO's Board of Directors in the fields of standards, metrology, calibration and quality, with no interference with other sectors' tasks stipulated officially, especially tasks related to products and other matters of the specialty of Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

SASO works to achieve the following strategic goals​:
1. Maintaining the safety of consumers through preparing and adopting suitable standards for goods and services.
2. Contributing to the development of national economy through the implementation of suitable Saudi standards on goods, products and services to improve the competitive capability of national products.
3. Adjusting tools and procedures of measurement and calibration in the Kingdom to match international measurements and calibration.
4. Disseminating the quality culture in all industrial and service activities, both public and private, and raising awareness of the benefits of adopting quality standards.
     The Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 216 dated 17/6/1431 H which approved the regulation of SASO was issued to complete and clarify its tasks in light of international and national updates and the establishment of new governmental control bodies to which some of SASO's tasks were entrusted. One of the regulation's features is the addition of control tasks to SASO's responsibility, which requires focused and effective expansion in its tasks and capabilities.

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