Governor of SASO's Speech on "Arab Standardization Day 2019"

26 Mar 2019

Governor of SASO's Speech on "Arab Standardization Day 2019"

under the Slogan (International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution)


       The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) is working with its counterparts in the Arab standardization bodies to consolidate means of joint Arab cooperation in the relevant fields. It comes to enhance the central role of quality infrastructure system in the development of Arab economy and support mechanisms of intra-trade, especially under the rapid changes the world witnesses at the industrial and technical levels. Such changes require us to work on promoting and adopting sustainability practices and applications in an effective and continuous manner.

       The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by SASO, celebrates the Arab Standardization Day each year on March 25th with countries of the Arab world. The celebration is held this year under the slogan "International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution" stressing the fundamental role-played by standards to maintain core resources and promote environmentally friendly practices.     

       The celebration of the Arab Standardization Day this year under the slogan "International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution" emphasizes the importance of standards in keeping up with modern industrial developments. Standards contribute to the success of industrial transformation and play a decisive role in the success of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a central means to ensure the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of environmental compatibility of products and services.

This occasion opens the door, for us, to celebrate achievements and excellence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the national, regional and international levels in the field of standardization activities. It has made significant progress in achieving some of the objectives of the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM). Moreover, it launched the first phase of the National Initiative for Legal Standardization, along with its effective presence and cooperation with Arab bodies concerned with standardization, which helps to consolidate the leading role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

       Undoubtedly, the achievements of SASO can only be achieved through the unlimited support of our wise leadership, in light of its interest in everything that promotes consumer involvement, strengthens the competitiveness of our national economy, and achieves the Kingdom's leadership in all fields. Such support represents a strong impetus to urge taking steps and motivate spirits for further progress and achievements.     

       I would like to commend the efforts of SASO in being interested in industrial standards and in the need to keep abreast of developments. This year, it holds the third meeting of standards in industry to complement what it started three years ago, with the celebration of World Standards Day as a suitable opportunity for SASO and various business sectors of government and private sectors to participate in the discussion and proposal to develop the process of preparing and applying Saudi standards, which is reflected in the performance of the economy and national industry.

       Finally, I would like to acknowledge the pioneering efforts of my colleagues in the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) and Arab standardization bodies, aiming to unify visions and efforts to enable the Arab industry to compete in international markets and enhance the role of intra-Arab trade in supporting Arab economies.  

May Allah Grant us Success​

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