SASO Establishes Monitoring and Warning Center for Unsafe Products in Saudi Market

06 Mar 2019

 SASO Establishes Monitoring and Warning Center for Unsafe Products in Saudi Market 

       SASO has announced the establishment of a specialized center for monitoring and warning of unsafe products. It is concerned with monitoring and warning of unsafe products through the development of a specialized electronic platform that allows the national governmental organizations' members to notify and exchange information about unsafe consumer products -which fall within the functions of SASO-and accidents related to it that may cause harm to the health and safety of consumers. In addition, it makes recommendations to take the necessary actions and seeks to spread awareness among consumers about the risk of these products, and early warning and follow-up issued by similar notification centers internationally.

       The objectives of the Center are to develop an integrated system of action among the national organizations members in monitoring (non-food, pharmaceutical and agricultural products), and to integrate with similar international centers such as the Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Consumer Products (RAPEX) in the European Union (EU) and other similar centers in the United States and Australia. Moreover, it facilitates the rapid and reliable exchange of information on accidents and risks of unsafe products to monitor and report them, through the creation of an electronic platform (RASID) and thus taking appropriate action.

       ​Objectives of the Center also includes analyzing the causes of         accidents and risks associated with unsafe products, assessing the level of risk, issuing related technical reports, and contributing to raise awareness among consumers by disseminating information and statistics of unsafe products through the electronic platform. Moreover, it contributes to the maintenance of the health and safety of consumers and the national economy by raising the level of safety and confidence in the products traded in the Saudi market. Furthermore, it prevents the entry of unsafe products to the market and reduces their spread through early monitoring of these products and providing related data to the relevant regulatory authorities.


Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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