Makkah Branch Organizes Workshop on Pilgrims' Buses in Activation of (How to be a Role Model) Program

05 Mar 2019

Makkah Branch Organizes Workshop on Pilgrims' Buses in Activation of (How to be a Role Model) Program

      The Saudi, Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. (SASO) branch in Makkah region organized a workshop for pilgrims' buses with the participation of integrative bodies, including: the Supreme Commission for Pilgrims Transportation Control, the General Cars Syndicate, and SASO. They presented workshops within the framework of social responsibility to maintain the safe transportation of the guests of Almasjid Alharam, and to implement the initiatives of (How to be a Role Model) program on Sunday, 26-06-1440, at 9:00 am at SASO's headquarters. 

      The Director General of the branch, Mr. Mutlaq bin Raji Al-Tayyari, welcomed all attendees and participants of this workshop. Al Tayyari said that SASO, through this workshop, seeks with other bodies to come out with recommendations to ensure the comfort and safety of pilgrims during the Hajj and Umrah season. This workshop is a continuation of the initiatives of SASO to activate (How to be a Role Model) program.

      The workshop concluded with important recommendations, including: setting specific criteria for choosing bus drivers and limiting their problems. In addition, recommendations included the participation of SASO in the supervisory and executive role with other integrated government bodies through the initial accreditation of pilgrims' transportation bus testing as part of the importance of SASO's participation as a consultant in the high pilgrimage committees. Furthermore, the workshop recommended the need to hold workshops specialized in the safety and choosing of spare parts for pilgrims' buses, in addition to the need to explain the list of general requirements for spare parts by SASO.

      The Director General of the branch honored the lecturers; Eng. Essam Tunsi, the Supreme Commission for Pilgrims Transportation Control; Eng. Waseem Al-Mutaf, the General Cars Syndicate; and Eng. Mohammad Al-Duweileh, SASO. Certificates of attendance were given to all participants of the workshop. At the end, participants and attendees thanked the management of Makkah branch on the success of the organization and for the hospitality reception.​

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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