SASO: Issuance of 348 New Saudi Standards During 2018

10 Feb 2019

SASO: Issuance of 348 new Saudi standards during 2018

      The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. (SASO) announced the issuance of 348 new Saudi standards in various sectors during the year 2018. In addition, 769 Saudi standards have been updated, modified and translated. The total number of Saudi standards reached more than 29,861 standards.

      SASO clarified that it had prepared and approved (348) new standards through the technical teams formed by SASO, which includes members from government, academic, research and concerned private bodies (manufacturers or importers), or through technicians in technical departments of the General Department of Standards. Standards of electrical and electronic products' sector scored a rate of 26% in the first place, followed by chemical and petroleum products' sector by 18%, the service standards sector followed by 16%. In addition,  standards related to the building and construction products' sector reached 11%, the mechanical products' sector reached 12%, while the metrology sector reached 9%, and finally the textile products' sector by 8%.

SASO revealed that there are (285) different standard drafts in the stages of study and preparation, including 27 standards for building and construction materials, 31 for electrical and electronic products, 42 for mechanical and metal products, and 30 for chemical and petroleum products. Standard specifications for textile products reached 29, in addition to 87 standard specifications for metrology, and 39 service standards.

      SASO stressed its keenness on activating the role of technical teams in the preparation of standard specifications in order to develop the process of preparing the Saudi standards and technical regulations by providing equal opportunities for the governmental, scientific and research sectors (factories and national companies) to participate in the work of the technical teams which are responsible for preparing standards for a specific subject. This in turn, makes it easier for those bodies to show their views on the topics of standards and discuss them in a constructive and objective manner to find satisfactory solutions to balance the interests of those parties, thus achieving the national interest. Furthermore, it noted that the technical teams include (331) members divided into (36) technical teams divided over different technical sectors. The number of technical teams increased from 2017 to 2018 by 5.12%, where the number of technical teams in 2017 was (32), and increased to (36).

      SASO noted that the most prominent areas of standard specifications adopted in 2018 were the safety requirements for secondary cells and batteries, roof, balcony, and floor drains,  paints and varnishes, in addition to operating requirements, energy efficiency labels for lighting products, textiles, volunteer management in organizations, and others.

      ​It is noted that SASO prepares and approves Saudi standards for products manufactured locally or imported to meet the acceptable requirements that ensure safety and efficiency of performance, in addition to participating in the preparation of Gulf, Arab and international standards.​

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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