"SASO" Participates in Colors of Saudi Exhibition

18 Dec 2018

"SASO" Participates in Colors of Saudi Exhibition


      SASO has participated in an awareness pavilion at the Colors of Saudi Exhibition. The Exhibition recently held at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, with the participation of a number of government and private bodies in the Kingdom.

 ​     By participating in the Exhibition, SASO aims to spread necessary awareness of the standard specifications of commodities, products and services. In addition, SASO aims at introducing visitors to SASO's activities and services, such as conformity, measurement, and calibration assessment procedures. These also include the development and adoption of Saudi standards for commodities; products; services; devices for measurement and calibration; in addition to other services that address the interests and needs of the consumer and the public.

 ​     During the Exhibition, SASO also reviewed specialized training programs offered by the Training Center such as quality management systems' courses and other specialized courses in measurement, calibration and standards.

 ​     SASO's pavilion witnessed a great number of visitors, who were closely introduced to SASO's achievements, plans and future strategy in accordance with the Vision 2030. Employees of SASO responded to visitors' questions and inquiries. The visitors praised SASO's efforts and services to promote the level and quality of products and services in order to enhance consumer protection and support the national economy.

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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