Conclusion of World Quality Day Events at SASO

08 Nov 2018


Organized by the Saudi Society for Quality (SSQ) over the last week,

Conclusion of World Quality Day Events at SASO


Eng. Saud bin Rashid bin Abdullah Al-Askar 


      The World Quality Day, organized by the Saudi Society for Quality (SSQ) in cooperation with SASO, was concluded this Thursday with a number of workshops, lectures and a wide participation of experts, specialists and those interested in quality in the Kingdom.

      His Excellency SASO's Governor, Dr. Saad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, in a speech delivered on his behalf by Eng. Saud bin Rashid Al Askar, Deputy Governor for Quality and Conformity, said, "SASO's hosting the events of this forum, which continued throughout the week as well as hosting the events of the 11th National Quality Week organized by Saudi Quality Council (SQC) at SASO's branch in Makkah Region, confirm the desire and keenness of SASO to integrate with its partners from specialized professional societies to our blessed country at an advanced and developed level. By achieving this, our services and products can enhance its competitive position in local, regional and international markets."

      SASO's governor called on specialists and interested individuals to work on the adoption of bases and principles of quality, and to urge into achieving a wider and more effective distribution in our national facilities in different fields. He revealed that SASO is about to complete the approval of the National Quality Strategy after adapting it to the requirements of the Vision 2030 and the programs emanating from it. He expressed his hope that this strategy represents a national plan of action and a comprehensive framework for all quality practices and applications in the Kingdom.

      For his part, Dr. Fahad Al-Bajidi, SSQ Chairman, praised SASO for supporting all activities and events that raise awareness of the quality culture in the Kingdom. He pointed out that SSQ works very hard to participate in achieving the Vision of the Kingdom 2030 through integration with the relevant authorities in the Kingdom.

      At the conclusion of the activities of the World Quality Day, a number of working papers and lectures. The first was initiated by Eng. Saud bin Mohammad Al Shabanat, Director of Technical Consultancy Center at SASO, under the title "Quality is based on Trust". Professor Hani Al-Omari, Professor of Operations and Total Quality at King Abdul Aziz University, reviewed his experience with quality leader Philip Crosby 18 years ago.

      ​The forum witnessed the launch of volunteering a SSQ by Eng. Majed Al Rajeh, Chairman of SSQ in Riyadh. Eng. Mahdi Aaed Al-Qahtani, Director of the Department of Acceptance of Conformity Assessment at SASO talked about the system of acceptance of conformity assessment bodies. The events were concluded with a working paper on improvement and development in management systems, in a participation by Major General Dr. Eng. Izz El-Din El-Hamzawy, expert and international consultant in management systems.

Dr. Fahad Al-Bajidi, SSQ Chairman 


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