SASO Organizes First Conformity and Quality Forum for Employees

04 Oct 2018


SASO Organizes First Conformity and Quality Forum for Employees



The Saudi, Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has organized the first conformity and quality forum for its employees on Thursday 24th of Muharram, 1440 AH, corresponding to the 4th of October, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Riyadh.
The forum aimed to find a suitable opportunity for the employees of the conformity sector to reach a comprehensive understanding of SASO's strategy and the role of the sector in it and to link the work of the departments with these goals, in addition to increasing the level of integration and teamwork. Furthermore, to develop communication mechanisms between the departments of the sector, to exchange ideas on the future of the sector, to seek opportunities for improvement and creativity, and to involve everyone with the planning and development process, leading to increased productivity and a sense of responsibility.
The forum included a number of presentations on industry initiatives such as the Saudi Product Safety Program. In addition, it introduced the project of aligning the National Quality Strategy with Vision 2030 and the establishment of the Executive Office of the National Quality Strategy.
The forum concluded with a general discussion session to exchange views on the opportunities for improvement in the quality and conformity sector in SASO.




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