Change of the Form of Energy Efficiency Labels from "Stars" to "Levels"

16 Sep 2018


Change of the form of energy efficiency labels from "stars" to "levels"



SASO stated that manufacturers and importers must comply with the requirements of the Saudi standards for energy efficiency, which included changing and standardizing the form of energy efficiency labels on electrical appliances. Starting date will be on October 2018 on factories and customs entry points. The circulation of old labels in the markets will be prevented by 1st September next year 2019.
SASO noted that the new labels have become in the form of seven levels showing the ability of the appliance to rationalize energy consumption. Moreover, the new labels will be applied to a number of electrical appliances such as "air conditioners, washing machines, blowers, refrigerators and freezers" and water heaters.
This comes within the efforts of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program, which is one of the most effective government programs, which based on an integrated work methodology that ensures monitoring and compliance with specific standard specifications of the initiatives launched by the program to rationalize energy consumption in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources (MEIM), SASO, Saudi Customs, and Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).
SASO noted that this step comes in response to the requirements of the updated Saudi standards for electrical appliances, and in preparation for unifying the form and identity of energy efficiency label for all those appliances so that the consumer can see the energy efficiency rates for each product easily and simply.
Moreover, SASO asked consumers to use Verify application "تأكد ", which enables them to verify the validity of the labels, by using the scan feature for QR code of energy efficiency labels, so the label information is verified by comparing the data shown on the application with the data shown on the label. In case of non-confirming information, the consumer may use the reporting feature and move directly to the application of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Commercial Violation "بلاغ تجاري."

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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