SASO Celebrates Arab Standards Day under the Slogan (Standards Make Cities More Sustainable)

25 Mar 2018

SASO Celebrates Arab Standards Day
 under the slogan (Standards Make Cities More Sustainable)

    Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), is participating in the celebration of Arab Standards Day under the slogan "Standards make cities more sustainable". The choice of this day coincides with the anniversary of the establishment of the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO), which was established on March 25, 1968 in Cairo as part of the League of Arab States.

    During its celebration of this day, SASO sheds light on the importance of spreading awareness of standardization and indicating its importance at the national and Arab levels; clarifying the role of standardization in supporting industrial and economic development; and highlighting the feasibility of adopting unified Arab standards.

    For his part, the Governor of SASO, Dr. Saad Al-Kasabi, said that the rapid changes taking place in the world on the industrial and technical level require national standardization bodies to work on promoting and adopting sustainability practices. He pointed out to the global shift towards investing in smart solutions and eco-friendly green cities in order to promote environmental conservation practices, reduce pollution, and consolidate rationalization practices in natural resources such as water and electricity.

    He pointed out that standards, along with their technical requirements and conditions, are primarily aimed at sustaining resources in a longer manner. This is achieved by raising the efficiency of performance and ensuring that production and industrial innovation are in line with the society's aspirations; to make cities more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    Dr. Al-Kasabi clarified that SASO is exerting continuous efforts to conform to regional and international trends. SASO often introduces initiatives and sets qualitative standards so as our Kingdom finds its way on the map of global influence in various fields, according to what our wise leadership aspires to and has established the ambitious Vision of the Kingdom by 2030 for. He referred to SASO's efforts in keeping pace with international trends towards smart and environmentally friendly cities. This is done through the activities of its technical teams in the preparation of standards for many issues that have an effective impact on the environment and move towards smart cities such as standards' projects for renewable energy, SASO's efforts in energy efficiency, standards for environmental management, in addition to other initiatives and programs of permanent partnership with public and private sectors.

    SASO participates in the membership of AIDMO and its various technical committees, headed by the Higher Advisory Committee for Standardization. Furthermore, it is the Technical Secretariat of seven committees of AIDMO. Moreover, it participates as a working member in 22 committees and as an observer in 4 technical committees. 


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