SASO Participates in "Safe Driving Environment" Forum

15 Mar 2018

SASO Participates in "Safe Driving Environment" Forum


     In order to activate its role in consumer protection, SASO participated in the activities of " Safe Driving Environment" forum under the slogan "First Time", held by King Saud University for four days, from 20th - 23rd of Jumada II, 1439 H, corresponding to 8th -11th of March, 2018. The forum is considered to be the largest platform of its kind to review matters related to the preparation of women to drive cars. The participation of SASO came through an awareness pavilion that included a number of explanatory means and awareness brochures, which contribute to reducing the percentage of traffic accidents in the Kingdom.

     Through its pavilion in the forum, SASO reviewed several awareness films to introduce the importance of using safety belt, the need for airbags in vehicles, the usage of child safety car seats if a child rides the vehicle, the warning against purchasing fake car parts, and the importance of acquiring engine oil suitable for the vehicle model.

     SASO aims, through this participation, to spread a culture of safe and conscious driving in order to raise the level of community security and safety. In addition, it aims to open channels of direct communication with the consumer and provide him/ her with guidance information that contributes to his/her awareness.

     The forum activities were concluded by King Saud University's Rector, Dr. Badran Al-Omar, handing over a token of appreciation for SASO to express his gratitude for its participation in "Safe Driving Environment" forum.

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