SASO Requests Public Opinion on Technical Regulation of Textile Products

28 Feb 2018

​SASO Requests Public Opinion on Technical Regulation of Textile Products

      SASO has invited specialists and interested parties to view and participate with their opinions in the technical regulation draft for textile products, which SASO is currently preparing for formal accreditation and mandatory application on textile products. This comes in light of SASO's keenness to develop regulatory frameworks that improve the quality of products and services in the Saudi market. 

      SASO explained that this regulation aims to identify the basic requirements for textile products included in the area of this regulation, and to determine conformity assessment procedures that the suppliers must comply with during the presentation and placement of these products in the Kingdom's markets, in order to ensure conformity of these products, and ensure environmental protection and the consumer's health and safety.

      Furthermore, SASO noted that this technical regulation will be applied to all textile products that are offered in the Kingdom's market, consisting of at least 80% weight of textile fibers (fibers, yarns, threads, curtains, furniture, carpets, garments, fabrics and technical textiles). In addition, the products include all furniture used for covers, umbrellas and sun visors, consisting of at least 80% weight of textile fibers, as well as all woven parts found in the following products: top layer of multilayer floors, all bedding covers and mattresses, and all covers of camping appliances and products, provided that these components are textile and constitute at least 80% of the weight of the top layers. Each textile is an integral part of another product when determining its manufacture including shoes, bags and headgear.

      ​​SASO welcomed all comments and views, requesting specialists and interested people to send their views before March 18th , 2018 to, noting that the public can access all details of the regulation on the website or through the following 

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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