Governor's Speech on World Standards Day 2017

12 Oct 2017


Governor of SASO's Speech  

"on World Standards Day 2017"

along the Theme (Standards Make Cities Smarter)

     The world is undergoing rapid changes at the industrial and technical levels. These changes certainly call for the establishment of specific and clear scientific foundations, aimed at unifying standards and requirements, so that the world becomes closer and more cooperative in between economic, industrial and commercial levels. One of the most important factors to support these efforts is the existence of standard specifications capable of unifying standards and requirements, and ensuring that industrial production and innovation are in line with the society's aspirations for cities to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

     The global shift towards investment in smart solutions is one of the most important international investment and industrial trends. Therefore, we are witnessing smart cities based on the use of modern tools to support social and economic development. These tools and solutions are highly capable of reducing operational costs needed by different services in cities.

     The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), celebrates on the 14th of October each year, with countries around the world, World Standards Day. This year's celebration is held along the theme "Standards make cities smarter" to stress on the fundamental role played by standards to make life easier, especially in light with the industrial and technological inventions and innovations we witness every day.

     This comes at a time when the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) held its General Assembly last month to discuss "Standards and their role in supporting the achievement of industrial digital transformation," as one of the most important indicators of the pivotal role of standards in sustainable development and developmental work in different areas.

     SASO is committed to making Saudi standards cope with these international trends, and is often taking the lead in setting specific standards to put our generous Kingdom on the map of global impact in various fields as our wise leadership aspires and as the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030 demands.

     On this occasion, I may refer to the efforts of SASO in working to keep pace with the international trends, towards smart and environmentally friendly cities. Such efforts are made through the activities of SASO's technical teams in preparing standard specifications for many issues that have an effective impact on the environment and move towards smart cities; such as projects of renewable energy standards, SASO's efforts in the energy efficiency field, environmental management standards, and other initiatives and programs, always in partnership with public and private sectors.

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