"MCI" and "SASO" Conduct Inspection Tours to Prevent the Circulation of Non-conforming Plastic Products

01 Oct 2017
"MCI" and "SASO" Conduct Inspection Tours to Prevent the Circulation of Non-conforming Plastic Products

       In the framework of the regulatory bodies' efforts to prevent the circulation or use of products non-conforming with the Technical Regulations for Biodegradable Plastic Products, issued by SASO earlier, the Ministry of Trade and Investment (MCI), in cooperation with SASO, will conduct inspection tours on all sale points in the Kingdom (markets, malls, distribution companies, grocery stores, etc.) to ensure non-usage/display of products non-conforming with the requirements of this technical regulation. 

       This step comes after the end of the inspection tour on local factories, which was implemented at the beginning of last Shawwal in cooperation with relevant authorities. These authorities called on everyone to adhere to the technical regulation, stressing that sanctions will be applied to violators. Moreover, they stressed that any product non-conforming with standards will not be allowed to be circulated in the markets of the Kingdom.

       SASO confirms that this step comes within the framework of its efforts in cooperation with various private and, government bodies involved in the preparation and implementation of this regulation, in order to reduce environmental risks resulting from plastic products and monitor factories to comply with the specifications of environment friendly products.

       SASO noted that it has made a number of efforts to introduce manufacturers and importers to the requirements of this regulation and the products in which it will be  implemented on, along with mandatory implementation stages, noting that SASO has been keen to introduce that sufficiently in advance of the implementation phase, in order to allow manufacturers and importers to meet the conditions and requirements of the regulation.  

       Furthermore, SASO has held a training program for a number of the regulatory bodies' employees to train them on the control mechanism for biodegradable plastic products and how to directly detect these products in the market through high-tech mobile devices that will be provided at the beginning of the second phase.

       ​SASO noted that it has issued 14 mandatory technical regulations, including this regulation, as part of its efforts to apply  the initiatives of the National Transition Program 2020, and the initiative of the Saudi Program for Product Safety "Saleem" , which includes a number of projects aimed  in their entirety at raising safety and enhancing confidence in products traded in the Saudi market.

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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