SASO Requires Drivers to Use Children's Car Seats...By Video and Infographic

28 Sep 2017
SASO Requires Drivers to Use Children's Car Seats...By Video and Infographic

    SASO has required drivers to place their children in children's car seats, stressing that they are a necessary safety means that must be taken for the safety and protection of children. This came through awareness messages published by the official account of SASO on the social networking site "Twitter" under the title (complete your role and protect your children).

    SASO pointed out that the seat size should be suitable for the child.  Also, it explained that there are four different sizes, of which are suitable for children of all sizes. SASO noted the need to make sure, before buying, that the seat is easy to be used and installed, free of bulges and sharp edges, and suitable for the car. In addition, the seat should not affect the child's head and the sensitive areas, such as the spine during an accident - God forbid. SASO also confirmed that the seat should be made of fire-resistant material and that the metal parts must be stainless.  

      SASO published several tips for the drivers when using children's car seats, including that belts and shoulder straps should be in the proper place, should not be wrapped, and should not press on the vulnerable parts of the child, such as the belly and others. Also, it explained that the best place for the child's car seat is in the middle of the back seat. Moreover, SASO warned from the installation of children's seats in the seats that have airbags.
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