Names of Male and Female Candidates for Personal Interviews

17 Apr 2017


     The Job Competition Committee at SASO is pleased to announce names of male and female candidates for personal interviews, on the vacant jobs under the wagetory item and non-cadre item. Dates of personal interviews are set according to the attached schedule.

     Personal interviews will be held at the headquarters in Riyadh (male interviews will be in the General Department of Human Resources. Female interviews will be in the Female Section). Attendance shall be on the specified day, and the national ID card must be presented. No one will be allowed to enter the personal interviews without having the national ID card.

                                                         God bless 

For job applicants (office-boy and printing worker), please check the number in the schedule and find the group and specified day of the personal interview.

To find out the names of male and female candidates for personal interviews, 
please click on the job title:                              

To check the dates of personal interviews,
please click  (here​)

Last modified 29 Dec 2019
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