SASO BOD Approves General Methodology of Product Safety Program

09 Apr 2017
SASO BOD Approves General Methodology of Product Safety Program

     The Board of Directors of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization has approved the general methodology for product safety, which is one of the special initiatives of the National Transformation Program 2020, in preparation for raising it to the concerned parties to work on implementing it in an integrated government work system.

     SASO BOD has approved (428) Saudi standards and technical regulations, in addition to (82) drafts for optional and mandatory Saudi standards. The Board has also approved the methodology of planning the approval of Saudi standard projects and reviewed performance indicators during the last period. Furthermore, the Board viewed the future plans of SASO concerning the development of administrative and technical performance and its achievements in this regard, in addition to approving SASO's final account for the fiscal year 1437AH/1438AH. 

     Moreover, the Board commended the developmental shifts in the administrative and technical aspects. The most prominent of which are: obtaining international accreditation for (73) tests in its laboratories, obtaining international accreditation in the wavelength laboratory for the Meter Saudi national standard, where the result of the measured value was identical to the value of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in addition to SASO's success in developing its procedures and winning the Excellence Award in Business Process Management from the International Workflow Management Coalition, as SASO came in the list of best (12) international institutions after competing with more than 50 candidates from around the world.

     The Board also commended the receiving of the Middle East Smart Government and Smart Cities Excellence Award for the development of the Electronic System for Standards "Wasif", and the Smart Government Awards in the categories of smart Apps and websites, as well as achieving first place in the financial and commercial sector in (Qiyas- Measurement) report, issued by the e-Government Program (Yesser). 

     Finally, the Board stressed on the importance of SASO's continuation in its developmental steps at all technical and administrative levels to enhance its role and mission in achieving consumer safety, supporting national economy and confirming its scientific and technical reference at national and regional levels.

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