Employees of Makkah Branch Complete a training course from Prince Naif First-aid Program

08 Mar 2017
Employees of Makkah Branch Complete a training course from Prince Naif First-aid Program

        SASO's branch in Makkah has completed a training course, presented by Prince Naif First-aid program, which was held for two days starting from 09/06/1438 AH, corresponding to 08/03/2017. The course was attended by 25 members from the branch, to raise awareness of first-aid, and how to deal with the injured in accidents, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), burns, bleedings, in addition to other injuries and emergency situations.

        His Excellency Mr. Mutlaq bin Raji Al-Tayari, Director of the branch, said that the administration of Makkah branch is keen to qualify its employees, by raising their awareness and maintaining safety requirements, in order to have a safe working environment, free of potential dangers, God forbid, which may cause great injuries or damages to properties if not properly treated. Proper treatment includes providing necessary procedures for the branch's safety system and adhering to all methods of personal protection, in order to protect the employees and workers in the building from accidents. Moreover, Mr. Al-Tayari thanked the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and all participants in the program for their cooperation.

        Furthermore, the training was held for two days, to view the required skills in delivering first-aid information, while part of the course was allocated to listening to all trainees talking about their experiences in first-aid. By the end of the program, certificates were given to whoever passed the program tests. 

        ​The program is considered as an extension to the awareness plans of Makkah branch, aiming to raise awareness of safety and security means among its employees.          

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