Heads of Quality Awards Regionally and Globally Discuss the Impact of Quality on Institutional Performance and the Society

19 Oct 2016
In a Panel Discussion on the Sidelines of the Best Practice Forum

Heads of Quality Awards Regionally and Globally Discuss the Impact of Quality on  Institutional Performance and the Society

      Five Arab and International Quality Award Heads discuss the importance and impact of National Quality Awards on institutional performance and the society in general, during the events of the first day of the Quality and Excellence Best Practice Forum. The forum is Organized by the General Secretariat of King Abdulaziz Quality Award on 24-25 Muharram, 1438 AH, corresponding to 25-26 October, 2016, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. 

      Mr.  Naoyuki Yanagimoto, Director General of the Japanese Quality Award, Dr. Rulon Stacey, Head of the US Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and Mr. Ravi Fernando, CEO of the Australian Organizational Excellence Foundation  will participate in this panel discussion. In addition to, Professor Hadi Al Tijani, General Coordinator of Shaikh Khalifa Excellence Award and Osama Abu-Saleem, Acting Executive Director at King Abdullah II Center for Excellence. 

      The forum will review three international experiences of national quality awards, namely, Japan Quality Award, US Quality Award and Australian Quality Award. It will highlight more than 17 Arab and International experiences from 8 countries, in addition to 3 dialogue sessions to discuss the positive effect of national quality awards on national economies, institutional performance and communities in general.

      The first day of the forum will include a main speech on the experience of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) in the United States. On the same day, the forum will also underline the experiences of Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC), which won MBNQA; and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which won Dubai Government Excellence Program Award in the United Arab Emirates.

      Moreover, the experience of Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) in UK, which won the European Excellence Award for housing sector, will be reviewed on the first day. A number of national experiences will also be presented, such as those of Al-Jubail Petrochemical Company (KEMYA) for the petrochemical sector, Saudi Investment Bank for the service sector and Tarbya Namouthajiyah Schools, in Riyadh, for the private educational complexes.

      The forum will begin its events on the second day with a main speech on the experience of the Australian excellence award and a review of the experience of one of the winning bodies of the Australian award for quality. The experience of the winner of Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) in the UAE as well as the experiences of some winning companies of China Quality Award, Japan Quality Award and King Abdullah II Center for Excellence Award will be highlighted. Furthermore, a number of national experiences in the field of private higher education, Effat University; and the health sector, Al Hammadi Hospital-Al-Suwaidi branch, will be introduced. The forum will also address in a main speech Japan Quality Award. It will conclude its events with a dialogue session with the executive heads of the Saudi winning establishments of King Abdulaziz Quality Award at its third round.

      ​It is noteworthy that  honoring ceremony of the winning establishments at its third round and the forum of the best practices will be held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Allah save him. King Abdulaziz Quality Award has targeted at its third round seven categories of the private sector, namely, large and medium production and service establishments, private universities, private educational complexes and private hospitals with a capacity of more than 100 beds. About 50 establishments competed for the Award in various categories with an increase in the participation of more than 90% compared to the second round.

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