Eid-Greeting Ceremony for the Employees of SASO in the Eastern Province Branch

18 Sep 2016
Eid-Greeting Ceremony for the Employees of SASO in the Eastern Province Branch 

      His Excellency Mr. Tams bin Ali Al Hammadi, Director General of SASO's Eastern Province branch, ,participated with  the branch employees the congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, during the annual Eid-greeting ceremony organized by the Department of Public Relations on Sunday morning 17/12/1437 AH. The attendees has exchanged felicitations and congratulations on this happy occasion . 
    The General Director of the Eastern Province Branch has confirmed that the organization of such events comes out of the interest of SASO to support the spirit of friendship and constructive cooperation relations among all its employees, which helps to create a stimulating work environment contributing to encourage employees to exert more effort and contribution. All that is for the advancement and upgrading plans and programs of SASO. He expressed his sincere wishes that Allah Almighty returns this blessed Eid on the kingdom, its leaders and people, and the Arab and Islamic nations, with welfare, prosperity, and blessings.

     On their part, the Staff of the branch extend their deep thanks and appreciation to the General Director of the branch on this annual nice gesture, which aims to strengthen human relations among the branch staff and contribute to the achievement of goals and objectives sought by everyone (God willing).

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