Training Course on "Technologies of New Electronic Devices" for SASO Laboratories' Employees

11 Apr 2016
Training Course on "Technologies of New Electronic Devices" for SASO Laboratories' Employees


     SASO, in collaboration with Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), has organized a training course on technologies of new electronic devices which have recently been provided to the laboratories of SASO's main headquarters in Riyadh. During the course, Mr. Hakan and Mr. Bayram, experts from TSE, reviewed how to use the new devices, in addition to reviewing the latest international methods for testing safety in order to ensure the protection and safety of consumers. The experts also discussed different topics with employees working at the electrical products laboratories at SASO's main headquarters and branches.

     The training course tackled the most recent methods used for household appliances and cables testing, in addition to those used for testing their safety. Further, the course addressed home lighting testing. At the end of the training course, which has lasted for 5 days, certificates were presented to participants in the presence of the director general of SASO laboratories.

     This training course is considered a part of the technical cooperation program agreement signed between SASO and TSE. The program aims to exchange expertise; develop SASO's technical potentials in the fields of standardization, quality, conformity assessment systems, inspection and analysis procedures, and product testing methods; and contribute to the training of SASO's employees and the development of their skills.

     SASO has witnessed a noticeable activity over the last period to activate technical cooperation programs with its counterparts in order to upgrade the level of standardization and conformity services in the Kingdom, aiming at the end to enhance means of consumer protection and safety and reduce the trading of non-conforming products. 


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