Minister of Commerce Honors SASO's Retirees and Creative Employees During Annual Creativity Forum

26 Mar 2016
Minister of Commerce Honors SASO's Retirees and Creative Employees During Annual Creativity Forum

     Under the auspices of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the SASO Board, SASO organized the second annual Creativity Forum "Creatives" to honor retirees, creative employees, and excellent employees in various sectors.
    His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry expressed his admiration of the professional level that characterizes the performance of SASO various sectors. He indicated that  SASO is living qualitative prosperity at various technical, regulatory, and legislative levels, calling for the continuity of the process by exerting more efforts to protect consumers and to support the national economy.

      The Governor of  SASO, Dr. Sa'ad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, emphasized the importance of consolidating concepts and values of creativity and excellence as one of the priorities for working in various departments of SASO. He also congratulated the employees who won during the session, expressing his hope that these creativity and excellence will continue over the coming years, God willing.

     For their part, the honorees expressed, in a speech delivered on their behalf in this ceremony, their pride about that trust and this honor, saying that it would be a strong motivation to move forward to do more to support SASO work, protect consumers, and enhance the competitiveness of the national economy.
     The honor considered several categories including creative idea, creative team leader, excellent employee in technical and administrative sectors, the "unknown soldier", in addition to the creative sector.
      The Creativity Forum embodies SASO's keenness to honor creative and retired employees in appreciation of the efforts made to improve the standard specifications of goods and products in the Saudi market and maintain consumer safety. It also urges SASO employees to exert more efforts to push the process of excellence.

     It is noteworthy that the development of  work environment and optimal investment in human capital are two of SASO's strategic plan elements over the coming years. SASO established the first Annual Creativity Forum last year. Also, SASO depends on competing creativity among its employees to consolidate internal competition that goes for everyone's interest. 


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