"SASO" Organizes Workshop on Accreditation Activities in Eastern Province

27 Mar 2016
"SASO" Organizes Workshop on Accreditation Activities in Eastern Province 
     SASO organized on Thursday, 15/06/1437 AH, corresponding to 24/03/2016, a workshop under the slogan "Open Meeting with Laboratories and Interested in Accreditation Activities," at SASO's branch in the Eastern Province. The workshop addressed the importance of enlightening people working in laboratories on measures, policies and requirements of the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC).

       The Director General of SASO at Dammam Branch, Mr. Tamis bin Ali Al Hammadi, stressed "the importance of accreditation and the hierarchy of laboratories to ensure international reference and recognition of the results coming from these laboratories."
In addition, he noted "the importance of communicating with SAC in case of any queries regarding accreditation activities."

     The Director General of Laboratory Accreditation, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Al-Salama, reviewed how laboratory accreditation is done and explained the whole steps being taken to receive accreditation.

    Also, the workshop witnessed an open, effective discussion session, with the attendees, on the tasks of SAC.

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