Dr. Al-Kasabi: Standards Primarily Support Achieving Sustainable Development

25 Mar 2016
On the Margins of the Kingdom's Participation in Arab Standards Day Events,
Dr. Al-Kasabi: Standards Primarily Support Achieving Sustainable Development

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     Under the slogan "Standardization as a Means for Sustainable Development", Saudi Arabia, represented by SASO, participates in the events of the Arab Standards Day which occurs, this year, on Friday, March 25th, 2016, corresponding to Jumada al-Thani 16th, 1437 AH.

     Dr. Sa'ad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, Governor of SASO, said, "Sustainable development is achieved through upgrading the quality of goods, products, and services; supporting activities of creativity and innovation; and ensuring the importance of standard specifications, which primarily support all industrial and economic activities, in maintaining a balance between development and environment, especially in the field of industry, in order to conserve natural resources."

     Al-Kasabi stressed the importance of exchanging expertise among Arab standardization bodies, considering it a necessary step towards strengthening regional cooperation, in addition to the importance of confronting challenges that encounter these bodies. He demanded enhancing influential participation of Arab countries in the technical work of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to increase the quality of goods and products.

     He also pointed out that the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) has selected this slogan to keep up with the international trend which calls for achieving the goals of sustainable development and to confirm the importance of standards in maintaining a balance between development and environment, particularly in industry field, in a way that conserves natural resources for the interest of future generations and fulfills the requirements of environmental protection needed by current generations.

     Dr. Al-Kasabi clarified that SASO has approved 216 new Saudi standard specifications this year, transformed 31 standard specifications into technical regulations, and updated 1707 Saudi standard specifications in different industrial sectors. Starting from the date of establishing SASO, the number of standard specifications, issued by SASO, has reached more than 29 thousand Saudi standard specifications.


     Arab standardization bodies celebrate this day annually, which corresponds to the anniversary of establishing AIDMO on March 25th, 1968 in Cairo as a body of the Arab League.

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