SASO Celebrates Gulf Consumer Protection Week

10 Mar 2016

 SASO Celebrates Gulf Consumer Protection Week
         Saudi Arabia, represented by SASO, joins the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the activities of the Gulf Week for consumer protection, in order to raise awareness among consumers, on Monday,  March 1st,2016.
      Dr. Sa'ad bin Othman Al Kasabi, Governor of  SASO, stressed that the celebration of this day is aimed at empowering consumer by providing essential skills and knowledge that make him/her more aware and conscious of his/her rights and responsibilities as well as an active participant in his/her consumer rights issues, in which the safety and integrity requirements are available.

       Al Kasabi explained that SASO is concerned with briefing consumer on all the necessary information to help him/her in choosing matching product, identifying poor unconforming  goods and staying away from them. This ultimately lead to enhanced cooperation with entities involved to protect consumer health and safety.
      He pointed out that SASO's role, in the field of consumer awareness, is not only on occasions. It always presents what contributes to maintaining consumer security, safety and health as well as raising consumer necessary awareness through all available means, i.e., various media channels, new media and exhibitions. This is done in order to provide consumers with the right information that contribute to developing self-consciousness and guide for goods and products compliance with standards, and communicating with him/her continuously to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

      It is noteworthy that the activities of " Gulf Consumer Protection Week " are organized annually on the first of March, in order to unify the GCC efforts to expand the umbrella of consumer protection and reach joint cooperation. At the same time, the activities aim to empower consumer by providing him/her with the knowledge and skills to become an aware consumer  and an effective participant in fighting for his/her issues and rights, and implementing the resolutions of consumer protection committees of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well. 

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