SASO Board of Directors approves the Saudi standard for fuel efficiency for light vehicles

07 Jan 2015
 SASO Board of Directors approves the Saudi standard for fuel efficiency for light vehicles
        His Excellency the Governor of SASO  Dr. Saad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, noted the importance of further efforts through more effective community partnerships among SASO, the community, and the media  to achieve the optimum utilization of adopting the Saudi standards. That is to activate their impact in supporting the national economy , fulfilling consumer demands and protecting the markets from  non-conforming products and goods. He pointed to the vital role of  SASO in supporting many strategic national initiatives for the rationalization of energy and water, such as standards and technical regulations for insulation materials and the Saudi standard for fuel economy and updating the air conditioners standards.

       This is stated on the margin of the one hundred and forty nine meeting of the Board of Directors headed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah, where the board approved  the technical regulation of the Saudi standard for fuel economy (SAUDI CAFE) for light vehicles added to the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia (2016-2020), which will enter into force in January 2016 . The Board also issued a decision to cancel all the old forms of the energy efficiency label of refrigerators and freezers, it is supposed to start in the implementation of this resolution within two months.

     Dr.Al Kasabi stressed that, SASO  adoption of a number of strategic issues and basic substrates  that drive forward indicators of achievement in the overall development plan of the Kingdom, through further efforts and cooperation with other organizations and concerned bodies to activate the strategic national initiatives. He pointed out,  that the Board approved the adoption and updating about (196) Standards including new (54) in the sectors of chemical and petroleum products, insulation, textile, electrical and electronic products, mechanical and metal products, scales and balances, in addition to the construction and building sector. Also the Board of Directors adopted  (1.817) Gulf standards and technical regulations, in addition to update two technical regulations among these standards are related to chemical and petroleum product.

     Dr. Al-Kasabi concluded by saying: There is no doubt that the economic instability and international and regional industrial variables require us to work in  more efficiently to keep up with this growth and these variables. In addition, they required working to promote and provide attractive economic environment for high quality products and goods, to support the national economy and consumer safety.

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