SASO's Air Conditioners Energy Efficiency Testing Laboratory Gets a Korean Qualification Certificate

12 Apr 2015
SASO's air conditioners energy efficiency testing laboratory gets a Korean qualification certificate

        The air conditioners efficiency  laboratory subject  to SASO's laboratories, which has recently been established, has achieved a qualification certificate  from Testing Laboratory (KTL) of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), that came after the bilateral comparison results match which was made on a range of samples at energy efficiency laboratory in SASO, the agency's laboratories  and other laboratories.

        That was Announced at a ceremony held on Thursday, 23 Rabi II 1436 AH, corresponding to 13 February 2015,  at SASO's headquarter in Riyadh. The Korean side handed over the certificate to the Governor of SASO, Dr. Saad bin Othman, Al- Kasabi, who expressed his pride in the achievement of the laboratory for this outstanding achievement which confirms the professional level and professionalism adopted by SASO in its developmental projects. In addition, he has stressed that  air conditioners Energy efficiency lab will play a central role during the next period in supporting SASO and related watchdog agencies efforts to implement the energy conservation initiatives and  raising the efficiency of air conditioners traded in the Kingdom markets. 

       SASO's Governor has  noted that  a contract has been signed of establishing an energy efficiency testing laboratory for air conditioners in the beginning of the Hijri year 1435 AH. It includes a number of the latest necessary test devices to verify the conformity of imported air conditioners and locally manufactured to the requirements of the updated Saudi standard SASO (2663/2012 ) for air conditioners energy efficiency consumption label.

          Dr. Al-Kasabi has point out that SASO has  insured that this laboratory convoyed  to the latest  technological and scientific developments and take advantage of the Korean experience advice in this regard. He has considered that this reference laboratory is one of the urgent requirements at the level of the national economy at the present time, due to the large consumption of electric power in the kingdom with the rapid developments. Air-conditioning consumes more than 50% of the total consumption of buildings, which makes the country and the consumer have great burdens.

           He has emphasized that SASO in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Saudi Customs  has completed  the implementation of the actual application to prevent trading  air conditioners non-conforming to the Saudi standard specifications after update.  SASO has obligated the manufacturers and suppliers  to use energy efficiency label on air conditioners by placing the label, which refer the ratio of energy savings. It should be in a clear  place on the air conditioner for consumer awareness to choose the suitable and energy-saving devices, the more stars the lower energy consumption. The Scientific studies made by the entities involved, indicated that each star the device obtain means energy saving about  (5%) , that means the  four-star device consumes less electrical energy by (20%) from the device which does not carry any star . 


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