Training Programs to Develop Technical Competencies in Standards Filed for Four Governmental Bodies' Employees

تاريخ 16 Mar 2021
     Recently, a package of specialized technical training programs has been launched for four governmental bodies' employees to enhance the national capabilities in standards and metrology filed. This is to implement activities for building institutional capabilities initiative project in standards and metrology field as one of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP). This program aims to transform the Kingdom into a leading industrial power and international logistic platform. Moreover, it focuses on four main sectors which are industry, mining, energy, and logistic services. 

     These training programs targeted four governmental bodies’ employees, which are SASO, Saudi Food and Drugs Authority, General Customs Authority and National Industrial Development Center. 

     A number of subjects were included in the package of training programs such as: an introduction about quality science and inspecting and monitoring quality and its standards, the basis of choosing and collecting samples and data and its analysis, recognizing the types of safety and health standards, reading, analyzing and managing documents, methodologies of planning and analyzing and problem solving, quality costs, and improving and implementing reference work procedures. 

     Building institutional capabilities project in standards and metrology field is one the projects carried out by SASO in the activities of NIDLP with the aim of developing capabilities, raising technical efficiency and localizing knowledge in standards and metrology field.​

Last modified 17 Mar 2021
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