SASO Introduces its Experiment in an International Meeting among the Best Regional Bodies

28 Feb 2021
SASO has introduced its experiment in standardization works in a mutual and international meeting conducted by International Standardization Organization (ISO) for the African and Arab region in addition to Asia and Pacific region. It has also  shed light on the most prominent practice in the field of technical national committees, corresponding to the international committees and the process of developing and adopting Saudi national  standards  This presentation came as a result of the ISO classification to SASO as an an authority that provides the best practices in this field at the regional level of African and Arab States.
The international presence comes within SASO's participation in REP initiative of ISO, which has been approved by ISO Council in September 2020. This initiative aims to serve better the member bodies in the organization within the regional and sub-regional framework. It also contributes in supporting ISO strategy implementation besides promoting communication, cooperation, and partnerships between members of different regions. In addition, the initiative contributes in supporting member bodies capabilities, enhancing information exchange, raising awareness of ISO programs in the region, encouraging regional adaptation of global standards, supporting training, and providing technical assistance.
SASO expressed -during the meeting- its keenness on effective participation globally building on its strategic vision of strengthening its leadership and excellence at the regional and international level in the field of various standardization activities. In reference to its experience, the participation was in the technical international committees by involving representatives of governmental, private, and academic sectors for ensuring effective representation to all relative bodies in these committees and representing the national interests accurately and completely.
SASO  indicated to its participation in 293 international technical committees in ISO and confirmed its keenness on representing the Kingdom globally by recruitment of competencies from the relative bodies consistent with the Kingdom leading role. It also presented the mechanisms and steps of technical committees and teams work formation beside technical teams who concerned with preparing and studying Saudi standards projects and its alignment with international requirements and SASO strategy and goals of the Kingdom vision 2030.
The meeting was attended by a wide range of participants, with 250 representatives and heads of standardization authorities from African and Arab states region and Asian and Pacific states region beside the ISO Central Secretariat. The meeting also reviewed the Japanese experiment and the role of the standards in empowering industry and promoting the Japanese economy's capabilities. 

Last modified 01 Mar 2021
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