Memorandum of Understanding between SASO and Weqaya to reduce Unsafe Products

22 Feb 2021


SASO has signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya)  to coordinate the efforts between the two authorities to monitor and alarm for products that may harm the consumer's health and safety. The memorandum has signed by the Vice Governor for standards and calibration Mr. Tamis bin Ali Al-Hamadi and from Weqaya center the Executive General Manager Dr. Abdullah bin Rashoud Al-Quizany.


The memorandum, which has signed virtually, aims to put a frame to promote cooperation and integration between both parties in relation to early monitoring and alarming for products that harm the consumer's health and safety. Moreover, it aims for activating coordination and easing a reliable and quick information exchange about damages and accidents of unsafe consumer products which could ensure the limitation of unsafe products in Saudi markets. All that comes as result of SASO and Weqaya's responsibility and their competence in preserving individuals' health and safety in the Kingdom.


The memorandum also aims to unify the efforts between both parties as well as activating their contribution in achieving the objectives of 2030 vision. This can be achieved through technical linking between early monitoring and alarming center of unsafe products in Saudi Standards (Rassed) with monitoring infections system in Weqaya center which ensuring the best coordination between them to activate their efforts according to their competence to take suitable measurements.


Rassed in Saudi Standards is one of the  main arms of products safety program that aims for promoting the consumer's safety and raising confidence level in Saudi market. The center concerned with developing complementary work system between related national and governmental authoroties to monitor unsafe products which fall within SASO's scope (non-food, non-pharmacological and non-medical) In addition, it also includes raising awareness among consumers about the danger of these products and early alarming of them and following of what has been issued by similar international notification centers. All these are for preserving gains and abilities of nation, preserving consumers' health and safety and improving the quality of life.​

Last modified 25 Feb 2021
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