SASO Announces Implementation of the Requirements of the Technical Regulation for Small Solar PV Systems

02 Feb 2021
The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) announced the start of implementing the requirements of the technical regulation for small solar PV systems, in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy's announcement of the completion of the regulatory and technical arrangements with various relevant bodies for the use of small solar PV systems in the Kingdom.

SASO said that the technical regulation for small solar PV systems will be compulsorily applied to (solar panels, electric inverter, combiner box, and other solar energy products and systems), noting that the regulation specified a number of safety requirements, including fire control and electromagnetic compatibility in solar energy systems, electrical safety requirements and requirements for protecting components of solar PV energy systems. The regulation also specifies conformity assessment procedures for these products to ensure their compliance with Saudi standards, maintain consumer health and safety, and contribute to environmental protection.

SASO obligated suppliers and manufacturers to obtain a national certificate of conformity (IECEE) before allowing products to be traded in the market, as well as registering products on "Saber" electronic platform. In addition, explanatory labels are required to enable the consumer to view all product details, usage instructions, and warnings.

The technical regulation for  small solar PV systems prohibits the manufacture, import, display or even advertising of products non- conforming to terms, as this entails the application of legal procedures against violators. This includes the cancellation of the relevant certificate of conformity, and taking the necessary measures with the notified body issuing the certificate in accordance with the acceptance regulation of conformity assessment bodies. SASO stressed that failure of the product to fulfil the requirements of this regulation would be a sufficient reason for market surveillance authorities and regulatory authorities to judge that a product is non-conforming. Non conformity is decided in four cases: failure to fix or incorrectly fix the conformity labels or the Saudi Quality Mark or its equivalent, failure to issue a conformity certificate or the supplier's declaration of conformity or issuance in an incorrect manner, unavailability or incomplete technical documentation, or unavailability or incompleteness of the explanatory label or usage instructions.

It is noteworthy that the implementation of the requirements of the technical regulation for small solar PV systems comes within the framework of the government work system efforts to prepare technical legislations for small solar PV systems.
Furthermore, several bodies participate in this national work led by the Ministry of Energy, namely: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI), Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, and Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO).​

Last modified 06 Feb 2021
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