NMCC Organizes a Training Program for Calibration of Electric Meters

01 Sep 2020
      The National Center for Measurement and Calibration (NMCC) has organized a specialized training program for employees of the National Legal Calibration Program (Standardization) in the field of electricity meter calibration during the past two weeks.
      The training hosted the capacity and energy laboratory of the Center's Electrical Measurements Department in two batches, each lasting for four days, in the presence of five trainees.
      The training included theoretical lectures to support the scientific background of the trainees, which included an introduction to electrical measurement standards, the concept of metrological attribution of measurement results to international system units, electrical calibration methods, the effect of calibration on the reliability of measurement results, sources of uncertainty, and statistical methods for analyzing the results, how to prepare calibration certificates and review them, and the types of energy and their impact on electric meters.
      ​In addition, The capacity and energy laboratory provided an opportunity for the trainees to practice theoretical concept. Training was held to conduct a virtual examination of the meter and indicate the type of connection method. Meter tests were performed, then calibrate a reference device, analyze results and calculate the maximum errors based on the approved standard specifications. Furthermore, common calibration errors and how to avoid them have been advised.
      The Center launched this program out of its responsibility to support technical legal standardization activities, as it is responsible for preserving national measurement standards and publishing metrological reference to (SI) units in order to protect consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where electricity consumption constitutes is one of its important elements, and the standardization program is concerned with legal monitoring through technical verification of reading household meters to ensure fairness in estimating monthly consumption prices from consumers.
      It is noteworthy that providing this qualitative training in the field of monitoring electrical meters and verifying the validity of their readings by national cadres for the first time is one of the indicators of the role of NMCC in applying the legal calibration initiative implemented by SASO.

Last modified 28 Sep 2020
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