SASO: Issuance of (6957) licenses to use the water consumption rationalization card in 2020

30 Aug 2020

​      Saudi Standers stated that (6957) licenses  were issued from the beginning of the year 2020 AD until the end of last July for a number of products specified by the technical regulation of water consumption rationalization tools, as part of its efforts to raise the capacity of products circulating in the market and reduce waste in water consumption to preserve on the Kingdom's water resources for future generations.

      Chinese products topped the list of licenses with (2992) licenses, while products manufactured in Italy obtained (1630) licenses, and products manufactured in Germany obtained (815) licenses, and American products obtained (498) licenses, and Turkish products obtained (243) licenses, and Indian products obtained (202) licenses, while French and Thai products obtained (108) licenses for each country, and Portuguese products obtained (82) licenses, and products manufactured in Indonesia obtained (78) licenses. National products obtained (56) license for Saudi products, and Pakistani products obtained (39) licenses, while Vietnamese products obtained (38) licenses, and Swiss products obtained (30) licenses, and Spanish products obtained (13) licenses. Emirati and Australian products obtained (6) licenses, (5) licenses for Taiwanese products, and (4) licenses for Mexican products. Finally, Norway and Finland products obtained (2) licenses for each country.

      SASO indicated that the water consumption rationalization card clarifies the rate of rationalization of water consumption for each of the products covered in the regulation, which are: shower heads, taps/ shower mixers, taps/ mixers for public and private toilets and kitchen sinks, taps/bidet mixers, taps/ mixers for shattaf (toilet spray), western water closets with dual flush/ single flush, and urinal with flush system.

      SASO advised consumers to ensure the purchase of health products that carry a water rationalization card, which are more rational and save on consumption value.


Last modified 28 Sep 2020
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