SASO looking to strengthen cooperation with the American laboratories (UL)

21 Aug 2020


      Saudi Standers discussed strengthening means of cooperation with the United States guarantor laboratories (UL), as a continuation of cooperation between the two sides and activating the memorandum of understanding signed between them.

       A hypothetical meeting conducted between SASO admins and the representatives of (UL) laboratories. SASO’s Deputy Govern for Standards and Laboratories, Engineer Tames bin Ali Al Hammadi headed this meeting in the presence of a number of specialists from both sides.

       The meeting witnessed a review of the activities and services provided by (UL) and the possibility of exchanging experiences in developing specifications and related technical committees. In addition, the two sides discussed opportunities to enhance the benefits of (UL) expertise in contributing to the development and equipping of SASO’s specialized laboratories and providing the necessary support in terms of training and technical consultations.​

      The two sides agreed on the importance of continuing communication and cooperation and identifying the areas needed by SASO, whether in the field of developing specifications or laboratories or participating in the membership of the various technical committees at the guarantors laboratories (UL) with the intend of developing specifications and enhancing the participation of specialists from the Kingdom in the international committees, which contributes to supporting quality infrastructure, and specifications, and to meet market needs and to develop the national economy.

Last modified 27 Sep 2020
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