SASO issue (7,560) IECEE certificates for high-risk products in 2019

21 Jul 2020
      According to its annual report for the year 2019, Saudi Standards announced that it has issued more than (7,560) licenses to use the certificate of recognition of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEE) certificates.
      SASO indicated that, during the past two years, it has taken effective steps to participate in the International Program for Conformity Assessment Tests and Certification for Electrotechnical Devices and Components (IECEE). Which is applied by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), through the obligation to obtain a certificate of conformity for some high-risk electro-technical devices and tools, in accordance with the international standards, taking into account the national limitations. SASO indicated that it granted (2,208) certificates for lighting products and their accessories, (1,734) for televisions, (1,385) for mobiles and chargers and their parts, and (1,149) for tablets, as well as (605) for mobile chargers and mobile batteries, along with (273) certificates. For electric water pumps, (153) smart watches, (49) dishwashers, and four solar panels.
      SASO stressed that it intend to enforce this certificate to control the market for high-risk electrical products and protect it from inferior or counterfeit devices, and to ensure the application of Saudi specifications to protect the consumer and the market from imported products that do not comply with the standard specifications and verify the safety of the product, as well as reduce accidents due to these products.
      ​In addition to saving time, effort and costs (facilitating the entry of commodities through customs ports without repeated examination and testing). It also helps serve and ensure the safety of consumers in their dealings with electrical equipment and devices that are mainly used at homes, offices, health care centers and similar places​

Last modified 29 Sep 2020
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