SASO Participate in ISO Meetings to Mitigate the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

08 Jul 2020
The Saudi Standards participated in the meetings of the International Standardization Organization (ISO), to discuss the procedures of reducing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, with the presence of the Vice-Governor for Standards and Laboratories, Tamies Bin Ali Al-Hammadi, and the Head of Membership and External Relations of the ISO Mr.Henry Qusheri. 
      The meeting discussed SASO's initiatives which been presented to the government and private sector to enable it to overcome the negative effect and deal with the repercussions of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, including 29 ISO standards were made, and it is  available for viewing to manufacturers, suppliers and specialists, in addition to a number of initiatives presented by SASO by extending the credit of certificate of conformity, facilitating the procedures in saber electronic platform and granting a number of Saudi standard specifications to beneficiaries from government and private entities.
      The initiative included a number of awareness lectures to various institutions on a number of related topics, these initiatives have received the attention and praise of ISO.
It is noteworthy that the KSA represented by SASO has won the membership of the ISO Council for the period (2020-2018), and the membership has been extended until 2021 after winning again the votes of the member states of organization.
      SASO participate in the policy development committees of the organization's Board of directors as an active member, including the Conformity Assessment Committee, the Developing Countries Affairs Committee, the Consumer Affairs Committee, the Reference Materials Committee, the Strategic Committee, and the Nominations Committees. 
      In addition, SASO participates as an active member in (76) international technical committees, chair and sub, and as an observer member in (158) technical committees, and continuously encourages and supports the participation of partners from governmental and private bodies in the kingdom in international standardization work by expanding participation in the membership of the main and sub-technical committees.

Last modified 28 Sep 2020
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