SASO Invites Specialists and those Interested to Exposure their Suggestions on a Number of Technical Regulations and Standards

02 Jul 2020
      The Saudi Standards invited all specialists and interested parties to express their views and suggestions on many projects of standard specifications and technical regulations.
The projects offered to the public were about 16 projects, including specifications for the electric safety, the mechanical and metal products sector, methods of testing household washing powders, carpet cleaners, laboratory bottles and leather blankets, in addition to the technical regulations for doors and windows.

      SASO indicated that it attaches great importance to the participation of the public, including those who are interested, specialists, and everyone who wishes to express an opinion. This is in order to develop standard specifications and technical regulations that support national industries and enhance the competitiveness of the Saudi economy.

      For more information and suggestions about draft specifications and regulations, you can access the following link: ( ).

Last modified 09 Nov 2020
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