SASO Reviews its Efforts in 2019 Annual Report

29 Jun 2020

      Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) highlighted its efforts in its annual report for 2019. SASO indicated the adoption of its strategy for the next five years 2019-2023. It explained that it aims, through the new strategy, to achieve excellence in developing standards, conformity and metrology and enhance the safety of products to be reliable internationally and enabler of life-quality and competition of the national economy.

      In its annual report, SASO indicated that it continued its work within the Saudi Program for Product Safety. It developed the legislative structure to raise the levels of safety and quality of products and services in the market. Moreover, it adopted an efficient methodology in the issuance of standard specifications and technical regulations according to product risk degree. Furthermore, it activated coordination with concerned authorities to mandatory apply the requirements of these standards and regulations, and follow-up the effects of their application on market safety.

      SASO issued (7) new technical regulations and updated (3) previously approved regulations. Moreover, it held (33) introductory workshops of the regulations to educate manufacturers and merchants on the requirements of these regulations. Furthermore, SASO organized (9) training workshops for employees of the regulatory bodies to contribute to the effective application of the requirements of such regulations, participated in (139) factory visits, and answered (3339) inquiries.

      The year 2019 witnessed an expansion in the field of verification of legal measurement tools, which included fuel pumps and non-automatic scales. The initiative was officially launched in Jeddah and Dammam on 01/01/2019, and field operations were launched in all regions of the Kingdom on 01/04/2019.

      SASO obliged importers to register all products, which fall within the scope of work of a number of technical regulations, in Saber e-platform as a prerequisite before entering the Saudi market, as part of its efforts to raise the levels of safety and quality of consumer products. Gradual application of Saber was activated in (7) stages starting from January 2019 until January 1, 2020.

      In the field of standards, SASO’s Board of Directors has approved (218) new Saudi standards; (450) updated, modified or withdrawn standards; and (14) translated standards. The number of beneficiaries of the Saudi Professional Program reached (173) beneficiaries, with a total of (580) beneficiaries of the program up to this stage.

      In its annual report, SASO emphasized that its laboratories has obtained the international accreditation for the results of their tests according to the requirements of the International Standard (2017-17025 IEC / ISO), as the number of internationally approved tests reached (223) tests.

      The National Measurement and Calibration Center (NMCC), of SASO, also passed the peer evaluation carried out by the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Metrology Program (APMP) in a first Saudi achievement for the NMCC since its establishment in 1986. A specialized scientific team made up of nine international experts from South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine and Turkey evaluated the NMCC. The technical and administrative process of evaluating the NMCC took a week with the goal of demonstrating the conformity of the metrological performance of the NMCC’ laboratories with the requirements of CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA). The evaluation included (11) laboratories, namely: Wavelength - Measurement Templates - Capacity and Energy - Electrical Impedance - Mass - Power - Time and Frequency - Pressure - Earth Gravity - Microwaves - Electromagnetism. The evaluation resulted in a well-deserved success of the laboratories, as evaluators' reports did not include any points of non-conformity.

      During the report period, the ministerial resolution was issued on the approval of launching the National System for (Halal) Products. This resolution is considered a major enabler for the organization of this activity in accordance with international practices and one of the factors that stresses the Islamic leadership of the Kingdom in this field.

      SASO contributed in the national project of updating the Saudi Building Code (SBC), as it embraced the headquarters of the national committee of SBC and participated in the activities of updating SBC in partnership with relevant bodies. Also, SASO leads the government efforts in the committee of SBC to complete the second mandatory stage of SBC and enables the committee to perform its tasks. The committee of SBC has qualified about (400) engineers on the requirements of SBC in cooperation with concerned bodies, and organized (12) introductory workshops in the regions and cities of the Kingdom targeting more than (2,700) engineers and technicians as well as (2,700) engineering offices.

      In the media field, SASO efforts resulted in obtaining the Award of the Best Government Account on “Twitter” from the Excellence Awards Academy, in the United Arab Emirates. Also, SASO was among the best (3) national works on the 89th National Day for the category of the best radio product, or podcast, within the Media Excellence Award for the best creative works granted by the Ministry of Information. Besides, SASO was granted the Kuwait Award for Creativity for its film, which was produced on the 89th National Day of the Kingdom.

      ​The number of SASO's followers on social media was (583,596), with an increase rate of more than 17% over the past year. In 2019, SASO published (45) films and (109) awareness designs; organized (9) events to celebrate global and national events; participated in (11) exhibitions; organized (66) workshops; published (16340) information materials; and had more than (654) TV and radio coverage.



Last modified 12 Jul 2020
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